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English : Sekitar Bedah Ujian Nasional

Cloze Test UN 2013 : Practice and Progress


Anda masih antusias mempersiapkan ujian nasional? Bagi siswa SMK/MAK berikut bisa anda kerjakan latihan contoh soal untuk “Writing Section, Part : Cloze Test. Semangat dan selamat belajar tentunya.


Question 41 – 50

Directions: The following questions are passage completion. Read the passages. A word or phrase has been replaced by a blank in some of the sentences. Four answer choice are given below the blank. Mark the answer choice, (A), (B), (C), or (D) that best complete the sentence

Questions refer to the following application letter.

                                                                                                Jalan Paradise 2, Batang,
                                                                                                Central Java Personal Manager
PT. Sumber rejeki
Jl. Ki Mangunsarkoro 1320

Dear sir,
I, here with, (1)… you my application for the post of technician in your company.
I have completed my technical course at Batara Course. Having finished my course, I worked for PT.Jaya Utama as part timer (2)… two months.
I quit for environmental reasons. For further consideration, I enclose my curriculum vitae and copies of my certificates.
I would be very (44)… if you could provide me with an opportunity for an interview. 

Yours faithfully,

Anggun Saskia

1.    …….
A. send
B. sent
C. sending
D. sends

2.    ……..
A. in
B. at
C. for
D. since
3.    ……..
A. cheerful
B. careful
C. doubtful
D. grateful


Questions refer to the following application letter.

                                                                                           30 Jalan  Raya, Batang 51211
                                                                                           Jan 24, 2013HR.Manager
Tegal Residence Hotel
Jl, Rambutan, Tegal

Dear Sir/Madame,
Being interested in  the post of waiter supervisor you advertised yesterday in Suara Merdeka, I  would like to apply (4)…. the vacancy.
I am 24 years old and (5)…. from SMK Negeri 1 Batang majoring in restaurant service. Currently, I am working at Sea Food Restaurant.
Attaching copies of my certificates, CV, and my recent photograph, I am (6)….  for an interview at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Faithfully yours,
Nita Evlina
4.    ……..
A. at
B. on
C. for
D. in
5.    ……..
A. graduated
B. graduate
C. graduation
D. graduating
6.    ……..
A. availability
B. able
C. available
D. ability


Questions refer to the following memo.

To           :  Office Staff
From      :  Bill John, Director
Subject  :  Lunch Hour

All staff members are requested to (7) … lunch in the employee lounge only. Please don’t take the food into the conference room and please don’t eat at your desk. We want to keep the office (8) …  A dinning table and chairs are available in the break room for your comfort. We also plan to buy a small refrigerator (9) … the break room. You will be able to store your food there.

7.    ……..
A. buy
B. have
C. reserve
D. take

8.    ……..
A. bad
B. messy
C. dirty
D. clean
9.  ……..
A. for
B. on
C. in
D. at


Questions refer to the following announcement.

Due to snowy conditions, some schools in the Multnomah County School District will be (10)…today. Please listen (11) … to the following message as some schools will remain open and some will open late. All schools downtown, in northeast, and north Portland are closed for the day. Schools in southwest Portland with the exception of those schools downtown will open three hours late. All schools in southeast Portland will open at their regular time. Snow routes will be used for all buses. Check the district webpage for details if you are not familiar with our alternative snow route stops. Please check back (12) … this number throughout the day for updates.

10.  ……..
A. terminated
B. completed
C. finished
D. closed

11. ……..
A. careful
B. carefully
C. be careful
D. carefulness
12. ……..
A. at
B. in
C. on
D. by


Questions refer to the following announcement.

Attention, passengers. Flight 245 to San Francisco has been delayed. Right now estimates for that flight are to leave in two hours. A maintenance issue must be (13) … before the plane can be loaded. For those passengers who are traveling on and will not be able to make their connecting flight, please see the attendant (14) …  your gate. Your trip will be rerouted in order for you to reach your destination. We will update you of any new developments (15) … in half an hour. Thank you for your cooperation.

13. ……..
A. aimed
B. addressed
C. purposed
D. claimed

14. ……..
A. at
B. by
C. on
D. in
15. ……..
A. thoroughly
B. separately
C. partially
D. simply


Questions refer to the following announcement.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are now (16) … the equator and you might say that things are heating up. We have an extraordinary evening planned for you tonight. After dinner, there will be a fun-filled variety show (17)… the main deck, which we call “A Taste of Vegas.” Later you can dance the night away to the strains of our talented (18) … known band, The Ocean Reefs, in the Neptune Nightclub. Tomorrow after we put in, you will have an entire day to explore the magical island of Dupree. Dinner will be on board again tomorrow evening, but you will be on your own for lunch. So, let the fun begin!

16. ……..
A. withdrawing
B. approaching
C. ascending
D. retreating

17. ……..
A. above
B. over
C. on
D. at
18. ……..
A. international
B. internationalize
C. internationally
D. internationalization


Questions refer to the following announcement.

Attention, staff. The weather service is (19) … a severe weather warning for the immediate area, beginning at 4:00 P.M. Due to the impending inclement weather, our offices will be closing at 3 o’clock. The forecast calls for severe thunderstorms with a chance of tornado. Please shut down and unplug all computers and other major electronic equipment. Please take home your laptops, the emergency calling procedures from your employee handbook, and any perishable food you may have (20) … the refrigerators. The office will reopen at 7:00 A.M. tomorrow unless you are notified. Please drive (21) ….

19. ……..
A.  issuing
B. issued
C. issues
D. issue

20. ……..
A. on
B. on to
C. in
D. in to
21. ……..
A. safely
B. healthy
C. rightly
D. freely


Questions refer to the following advertisement.

Manson Gate

7000 sq.ft. residential lot  for sale

This City of Manson Gate is (22) … houses, buildings, and lots of seized by the city due to nonpayment of taxes. These properties will be sold by local real estate brokers. The first such (23) … to be sold, a resident lot, will be offered (24) … John Power of Manson Gate Leasing and Land Sales Company, 234.6345, ext.324.


22. ……..
A. selling
B. buying
C. offering
D. painting

23. ……..
A. properly
B. proper
C. property
D. properties
24. ……..
A. on
B. by
C. to
D. for


Questions refer to the following advertisement.


If You’re a jet lagged traveler or someone who needs to sleep during the daytime, this eye shade lets you nap anywhere, anytime in total (25) …. Made of lightweight plastic and soft (26) … foam padding. (27) … blocks out even the brightest light.

Item 16472                 Price: $ 22.50 each or two for $ 40.00

25. ……..
A. darkness
B. brightness
C. sadness
D. sickness

26. ……..
A. portable
B. capable
C. comfortable
D. visible
27. ……..
A. completed
B. completion
C. complete
D. completely


Questions refer to the following advertisement.

Most English people don’t (28) … time in the morning to eat a heavy breakfast, and they would (29) … not want to. A cup of tea or coffee, a bowl (30) … cereal and a piece of toast is all the most people have. However, I don,t know anyone who eats an ‘English breakfast’ here.

28. ……..
A. make
B. get
C. take
D. have

29. ……..
A. capably
B. reliably
C. probably
D. possibly
30. ……..
A. of
B. for
C. at
D. to

Answer Keys

1.    A. send
2.    C. for
3.    D. grateful
4.    C. for
5.    B. Graduate
6.    C. available
7.    B. Have
8.    D. Clean
9.    A. for
10.  D. closed
11.  B. Carefully
12.  A. at
13.  A. addressed
14.  A. at
15.  A. thoroughly
16.  B. Approaching
17.  C. on
18.  C. internationally
19.  A. issuing
20.  C. in
21.  A. safely
22.  A. selling
23.  C. property
24.  B. By
25.  A. darkness
26.  C. comfortable
27.  D. completely
28.  D. have
29.  C. probably
30.  A. of


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