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Tugas Siswa (XII AK) : Bahasa Inggris (Kids' Assignment for Acc English Class)

Assignment 2 (XII AK : Company Profile)

Company profile

Assignment 2 : For XII AK 1, 2, 3, 4  (Week 3: January 20-27 ). Please collect the result on a typing paper in group. Write your name, class present number and Group

Direction :

  1. Retype with a computer  and translate the following reading text (company profile) into good Indonesian text.
  2. Make 10 Questions with (Wh Questions) and the answers.


Text 1.  Holcim

Holcim’s core businesses include the manufacture and distribution of cement, and the production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), ready-mix concrete and asphalt. The company also offers consulting, research, trading, engineering and other services.

Holcim is a global company employing some 80,000 people, with production sites in around 70 countries. With a market presence on every continent, Holcim is more globally spread than any other building materials group, allowing us to create a strong foothold in each individual market, and providing stable earnings for the Group.
Aiming to keep a balanced portfolio, Holcim’s business strategy is based on continuous growth in both developed economies and emerging, high-growth markets, where around three-quarters of our operational capacity, accounting for almost half of the Group’s net sales, is based.

In 2011, Holcim recorded sales of over 20 billion Swiss francs. Thanks to our market-oriented structures, product innovations, skilled employees and efficient environmental management systems Holcim is in a strong position now – and for years to come.

Our key objective is the creation of value. We attach great importance to sustainable development at an economic, ecological and social level. By taking this holistic approach, we can secure the company’s long-term success. The basis for this is an exceptional operational performance and a solid return on the capital invested. Our approach has been acknowledged by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Holcim had been named “Leader of the Industry” in the DJSI Index from 2005 to 2008 and was thus acknowledged as the company with the best sustainability performance in the building materials industry for four consecutive years.


Text 2.

Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s leading electronic companies today. Samsung Group, the parent company, was started as a small export business in Korea in 1938 and has been around for more than 70 years. Samsung Electronics was started in 1969 and celebrated they 40th anniversary in 2009. While Samsung Electronics originally started out only making TV’s and appliance, they have since increased the numbers of products they manufacturer to include mobile devices, computers, and photo devices. In 2005, Samsung become the world’s largest and most popular consumer brand, passing Sony. Samsung has over $164,000 employees and had a net income of 8.33 billion in 2009. In 2009 Samsung brought Hewlett-Packard and Siemens to become the world’s largest technology company. Samsung is managed by 5 core values, PEOPLE- because a company is its people, EXCELLENCE- because you need an unyielding passion for excellence, CHANGE- because change is constant, INTEGRITY- a moral compass that ensures fairness, and CO-PROSPERITY- a company can’t be successful without prosperity.

The CEO of Samsung is a man by the name of Gee-Sung Choi. Gee-Sung Choi is currently 59 years old, born on February 2, 1951. He graduated from Seoul University with a degree in economics in 1977. Gee-Sung has been with Samsung for 33-years, becoming the CEO in 2009. Under his leader, Samsung a Korean based company became the first company to achieve 100 trillion won in sales and 10 trillion won in profit. Before he became the CEO, he held several different positions within the company such as heading the President of the Digital Media Business and the President of the Telecommunications Network Business. Choi was added to the board of director in March of 2009, before he became CEO. Choi recently announced a new vision for the company, “Inspire the world, Create the future.” With this new vision, Samsung under the leadership of Choi, is working towards earning $400 billion in revenue by 2020.Samsung Electronics is part of one of the largest multi-billion dollar corporations in the world. In 2007 it exceeded the $100bn mark in annual sales for the first time in its history. This makes it one of the world’s top three companies in the electronics industry where only two other companies, Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, have posted larger revenues. The name Samsung literally means ‘three stars’ or ‘tristar’ in Korean, reflecting the Samsung Group’s dominance in two further sectors: Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering and Construction. If you are talking innovation in Samsung walks the walk and is now the established leader in consumer electronics, providing a range of leading-edge premium products and, in their own words, ‘leading the digital convergence revolution’. In so doing Samsung has made a remarkable transformation from copy-cat manufacturer to become Asia’s most valuable technology company.


Source : http://www.holcim.com, http://www.samsung.com



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